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Okay, I've re-worked my "dream setlist" to include some of the tracks on the new album. This was hard to do! Considering how many songs I'd like to hear live. But... I think this would make one HELL of a show!

...start of like a rocket with...
1. No Tickets To The Funeral
...then blast straight into....
2. Stronger Than Death
...then settle into the set with...
3. Parker's Eyes
4. Fall On You
5. Perfect
6. Blind My Eyes
7. Begin Again
8. Scarred
9. Dreams From The Pit
10. Peel
...then encore 1...
11. Black and White World
...then encore 2...
12. Love Kills Us All/ Life In One Day
13. Origins of Ruin
...this would be the "stripped down" I mentioned originally.

That would be a HOT show . I found it very difficult to have to cut certain tracks on the new album (as well as the others) to keep within a realistic total running time. But I think this works pretty well; has a decent flow.

Any thoughts?
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