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Originally Posted by wanderlust_ View Post
Damn. That sucks! But at least you got to see those other shows!!!

I thought the scene in New Orleans was better? Only 18 presold tix for Agalloch? Damn. I've seen them twice and they are one of the reasons I'm jumping on MDF tickets when I get my next paycheck.

But, on the bright side, you got friends, booze, and a room in New Orleans. What a great way to piss away a night.
The scene here is TERRIBLE for this sort of thing, dude. Death metal and black metal shows will draw reasonably well, but that's about it. I saw Virgin Black here in 2007 in front of 5 people on a Saturday!

Everyone here just parties ways too hard for this kind of music.

At least there is a Saints game on Sunday... if they win (which they will, they're always down to hustle), people will be riding party buses around the city and I should have no problem hopping on one so long as I'm carrying a bottle of Patron and everyone on the bus is already drunk.
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