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Love at first listen

Hey all longtime loyal riot fan new to the forums!
I remember my first exposure to riot I was living in phx az and browsing in a local music store. Just checking out cassette tapes (ha!) always on the hunt for new metal and I heard what I thought was new judas priest!? Singer sounded like halford but higher and the music! Oh man, the music was like I always wished priest was....faster harder more like exciter ,stained glass era modernized! I was like, who the fuck is this? I asked the counter dude and the rest is history.
Thundersteel is definitely my desert island cd and I never get tired of it's power ,melody and solos. The privilege of power is definitely up there and I dug all the the later stuff with mike as well especially inishmore and sons of society. I've been waiting all these years to see one of my fav all time singers return and show em how's it's done. If u haven't heard faith and fire I highly recommend!!!!!!!! Anyways can't wait cheers!
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