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Originally Posted by Defiance View Post
God these Japs are so damn crazy; makes me sick and looks awful to be honest.
Muahaha! Thing is, you just gotta look at it like a comedy. With blood. Lots and lots of blood...
I'm no splatter-fan in general, but some of these Japanese films are simply too insane to be ignored! Machine Girl was actually the first one I heard of that I wanted to get, but for various reasons I kept putting it off. Instead i got Tokyo Gore Police which is so over the top batshit crazy that I fell immediately in love with it, and yes even though it is extremely low budget, some of the effects, especially the physical ones, are really well executed and innovative.
Next I got Samurai Princess which sadly did not live up to my expectations at all, stay away from that one, it's boring...

Anyway, here's the trailer for TGP, which I recommend to anyone and everyone cause it's just so damn fun! The future police of Tokyo drives an 80ies SAAB 900 with a building on top. Beware...
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