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Originally Posted by Zook View Post
I keep editing this damn list, but I think I finally got it right:

1. The Suffocating Silence
2. No Tickets To The Funeral
3. Nocturnal
4. Black And White World
5. Threads
6. Keep Breathing
7. The Origins Of Ruin
8. Let It Rain
9. Walls
10. Used To Be
11. Dreams From The Pit
12. Scarred
13. Stronger Than Death
14. Leviathan Rising

15. Sapphire
16. Memory
17. Love Kills Us All/Life In One Day

Encore 2
18. The Fullness Of Time - Parts I-IV

Encore 3
19. The Death Of Faith and Reason
Just add Peel somewhere in there to make it an even 20 songs. WHAT A SHOW!!!

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