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Originally Posted by Firewind Wiki View Post
But he can deal with ibanez but esp he just flat out says there shit, but there is a HUGE difference between the esp 200(korea) 600(china) and japan build models and the models like the NT-II are build in the custom shop so there even a whole other league
Actually, the 200's are built in China and the 600's are built in Korea. I've played ESP versions of the Gus models that I have (Except for the FR) and didn't find a world of difference between them. I thought I was taking a risk dropping money on the LTD's when I hadn't played them before, but I was VERY happy with them from the start. I initially got my first one because it was a great deal and the guitar had just been released. Every one that I have plays and sounds great. That's just my preference of course. I would never buy an Epiphone because they are not a real Gibson (kinda hypocritical lol) But I know many Gibson owners who also have Epiphones and feel that in some cases, the quality is better. (Of course Gibson's standards have dropped over the years.)

I don't get the Ed Roman Ibanez love either...Maybe because there are so many American guitar players that use them, he feels it's ok?. Obviously I don't know the numbers, but in looking at the ESP artist page, it would appear that there are more Non US artists using them. Maybe that's his beef??

It's funny though because I have seen his ESP replicas (i.e George Lynch) and I guess he feels that that form of "plagerism" is ok as long as it is made in America.

I talked to that guy on the phone a few years back and he was an arrogant prick...
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