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Originally Posted by Snert View Post
In June 2004 the Theocracy forum was moved from the old one to this one here at I can't remember if the old one was directly under the domain or at
As a member of the old forum of course I followed Theocracy and joined this new one which was opened in June 2004 - but my account says I already joined in April 2004! Strange...
Oops, I forgot to reply to this. Interesting! I don't think I came over from that one - I can't remember any other forum but this one. At least now I know I came in during the second wave of forum fans

Anyone else from the initial forums still with us here at Ultimate Metal? I'll soon be writing up a little mini (very mini) history of my time on this forum - in observation of my upcoming 1000th post - so I will incorporate that
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