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I first got into RIOT around 1986 or 1987 and have followed the band ever since then. I borrowed my friend's Rock City album and was hooked. I remember tracking down Narita, Fire Down Under, the Live EP and Restless Breed shortly afterward. When I heard that Riot was coming out with a new album called Thundersteel I was psyched! That album blew me away with the new metallic style. When The Privilege of Power came out it was probably my favorite album of 1990. I tried to see them live on that tour but as I was not 21 yet I couldn't get into the club they were playing at in San Antonio. It would be 1999 before I got to see Riot live. When Nightbreaker was released I was a little shocked that Tony Moore was no longer in the band but enjoyed the album and Mike Dimeo's voice as well. I believe that the albums with Mike Dimeo were sadly overlooked as there are some real classic albums such as Innishmore, Sons of Society and Army of One. I saw Riot in 2004 and got to meet the band and they were all extremely friendly. That was an awesome night to remember! I hated to hear that Dimeo was leaving the band but was pleasantly surprised to hear that Tony Moore would return. I flew to San Antonio and caught the Reunion show in 2009 and finally witnessed the great Thundersteel and PoP lineup after almost 20 years of waiting. This was a dream come true as I truly love that era of the band and Moore does a great job on the Guy Speranza era material. The new album Immortal Soul is everything I had hoped it would be and has been in constant rotation since I got it. I'm hoping to see them on the upcoming tour and I hope they play some of the Rhett Forrester era songs as well.
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