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Thanks Enigma; I was pretty sure that North Hollywood was the closest, since Sunset Strip is only an exit or two away from Universal City Walk. When you get on the freeway from there, you can see the Capitol Records building!

I was going to ask my sister to be sure, since she lives the closest to North Hollywood than anyone else I know. But going on my memory from when I was last in L.A. 4 months ago; I do remember passing Universal City and the next exit or two over was the Capitol building, which is right off the Sunset Strip.

I feel embarrassed that I am not as reliable as I should be, being born/raised in L.A., but I am also not a driver, which is *the* mode of transportation in the L.A. area. I've always been a passenger, so a lot of the routes are lost on me because different people use different shortcuts when going to where they're getting to.

But I can tell you for sure that you do *not* want to use the Anaheim one; Anaheim is about 45 minutes from L.A. and your cab fare could end up costing you more than your entire trip!
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