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Originally Posted by marshmallow View Post
...Johnny really has a knack for progressive rock/metal drumming and showed it on nearly every song! And as far as I can tell he only got better from album to album. It takes a lot of work to play in the genre, much less do it in time. He's fast, technical, versatile, and yet I never felt as if the drums were arrogant or overdone.... Also, Johnny seemed very silly. I never got to meet the guy, but the studio footage certainly showed it.
Agreed, including the aspect of Johnny's sillyness !
Seeing Johnny perform on stage was always great fun, the man's a beast and always gave it all during every gig!

Regarding Stefan:
I had the fortune of seeing Stefan perform during their 'ProgPower Europe'-show. The vids from the two shows before that one already showed his amazing skills. Seeing him play live was even better: Stefan fits in perfectly!
I loved how he gave his own style to the songs but also keeping in mind the identity of some of the special parts (like in Alley Cat: the 4 hard hits in Kyrt's keyboard solo).
Besides being a very nice guy (), it was also very nice to see/hear that he is a very good pianoplayer and singer as well!
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