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there is so much BS talk here, that I can hardly believe what I am reading.

1. The metal aspect (the forum is UM after all, or?):
So no band outside the US should come to the US tour, and make money of it, or sell their work in the US?

1a. US bands should only tour within their own territory, sell music in NAM etc... right?

2. Someone said we should get the countries that are trying to escape from fixed (locked down, if my understanding was correct?). Well, if the fixing had been done few centuries ago, those bloody Europeans (you are so willing to ban from immigrating to the US), would have been forced to stay in their filthy homes in Europe, not polluting a real pure civilization, such as the native American.

3. Language? Refer to the above statement. Did any of the immigrants speak the language of those people when they forced themselves onto them? No. So GTFO then.

4. It is strange that just because someone fell out his mother's cunt somewhere, they are proud of where they fell. And claim it as their birth right to own that land. That is fine, people should have a home somewhere, that they will defend if they need to, but they have no fucking right to say to get out of my country, when that country was formed by them moving in, in the first place. This does not only apply to US citizens of course.

5. I got offered recently a position to work in a company in Florida with wages much higher than the average Americans get. Why is that? Because the guys who are there, are not good enough to do the job, don't have the expertise etc... So is it really the immigrants fault, that they get employed, or the employer's fault who employs them?

6. Immigration should be done the right way, I agree. But nobody has the fucking right to say this is their country and get the fuck out. Might I remind you, that except the Hollywood stars and the athletes, all the greatest scientists US citizens, are mostly foreigners who they, or their parents immigrated to the US yrs ago.

7. Even those athletes you are so fanatic about, or the descendants of African imports. Even your own fucking president for fuck's sake is from Africa.

Need I say more?
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