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Originally Posted by Killer From The Deep View Post
Good atmosphere is the biggest thing for me. I hate going to a gig and standing around. There needs to be some action going on- something to release the adrenalin. That will probably fade away as I get older/ go to more gigs. And the small venues are usually better.

Also setlist is important. IMO atmosphere makes or breaks the gig though. A poor setlist can be made up for by good atmosphere.
gonna agree 100 % with that!

I also went to gigs were the athmosphere was just terrible and people were just standing around like when I went to see Onslaught last year, one of the worst concerts I've attended in years. The last real good one was Thrashfest though I expected alittle bit more of it.
There were also maybe 100 people there but it was still very cool to see all those awesome bands, especially Exodus and Destruction!

Back to topic:
I think it's really important that the right people are at a concert. I hate it when drunk bastards are hanging around everywhere and talking shit, punching me on the chest. I also like to drink alot but it's no reason to molest other people with that 'oohh Iam so drunk' behaviour.
Fuck those assholes.
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