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Ok what am i doing here in this thread without any single,any Cd of Firewind....Hehe..OK i think i am totally excused cause here in my f*cking island we don't find easily FW albums and all i will just say my one and only precious thing that i have right now

Firewind t-shirt ( Premonition)
{an autograph card signed from Gus G
2 guitar pics ( Firewind/Defiance) White
Ozzy Osbourne's black ....
Gus G Guitar strings...(6) from the good Jimmy guy (Thanks 4 everything)}
Setlist from Athenian Show Fuzz....
photo w/ Gus G @ FUZZ
that's all....

All albums ( 2oo2-2011) and DVD LIVE Premonition inside my PC....

Lets wait for some more new Purchases!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

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