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Originally Posted by Harvester View Post
"Backspacer" debuted at #1 on the charts. It's been years since a Pearl Jam concert didn't sell out anywhere in the States as well.
While I wouldn't know anything about the concerts, except that I haven't heard anything about them touring ever (do they not play AZ? I listen to rock stations enough to know if they had been advertised, I think), I had no idea they released a new album recently.

Good for them then. I'd certainly call them a superstar band. Depending on your definition of Rock and Roll, yah, I could concede this for sure.

Is that a sarcastic answer???? Maybe I'm just off today.
They're the closest band to Rock and Roll in a high profile slot that is still today highly visible and gets airtime. Yes, I'd put RHCP in an elite class of musicians that are relevant today in the Rock and Roll category. I'm not sure if the band themselves or my catagorizing them as Rock and Roll offends you.

I can see calling them R&R being a bit of a stretch, but I still stand by it.
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