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Originally Posted by AeonicSlumber View Post
words and stuff.. and then... I mean, if alt rock isn't rock, then what is it? Rap? Really? Why? JUST because you dislike it?
I guess if you're going to lump Alt-Rock in with Rock and Roll, that's fine. I think it deserves its own distinction though. It's Rock influenced, sure, but at what point are you so far from your "roots" that you become something else entirely?

Maybe RHCP doesn't really belong in a rock-and-roll category. I think Rock has evolved enough to include them, but no, I think Foo Fighters have continued on with the same tradtions of the 90's music era. Have they changed that much? Not from what I've heard of their music.

And to say I don't like alt rock is fucking laughlaicious. I still think the late 90's and early 2000's were the best time of music.

tl;dr who gives a fuck.
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