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Totally agreed - a great solo, yet far from easy to play. However, there is a practical way to do it. I'd liken learning this one to learning the solo from "Home" by Dream Theater (another brilliant solo):

- For the first half, focus more directly on playing each note as precisely as possible. This is the section where you'd focus more on vibrato and tone (at least for me), seeing as there's a lot less of the fast picking. Get comfortable with playing it however you so choose, and make sure to watch for the timing on some of the notes. Marty Friedman is good at placing solo notes in interesting places.
- For the second half (starting with the B minor triad picking across the top two strings), work on nailing each lick individually, then slowly put them all together. Especially for the last of the picked triads... that's a very wide stretch across the high E, so make sure your fingers are up for the challenge. You could use a two-hand technique there if need be. Also make sure your legato technique is solid; that'll really help at the very end of the solo.

Most important, however, is PRACTICE. Keep going at it and be sure to settle for nothing less than the absolute best you can play it - otherwise you're just cheating yourself. Hope I was able to help, at least a little.

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