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Albums OOP???

Hi Iron Maidens,

I recently stumbled across your cover of “Run to the Hills” and after some searching I found “Aces High” and “The Prisoner”. I have now become a fan The Iron Maidens and I would like to purchase your albums for my collection. However, after visiting your web store, I could not find any CDs for sale. So, I expanded my search to include iTunes, Amazon and EBay, and well that was a mistake. iTunes came up with a big goose egg for The Iron Maidens, but I was able to get Flight 666 from Maiden. But then I did a search for The Iron Maidens on Amazon and nearly passed out at the collector’s market price for your CDs, prices ranging from $51 to $147!! And EBay wasn’t any better.

Now this leaves me in a quandary. I love your music, and I believe in paying the artist for their work. But I don’t want to pay collector’s prices for a CD, as the band will not see that money. But because I feel that an artist should be paid their work, I’m trying to avoid the Peer to Peer MP3 file sharing. But if the albums are truly Out Of Print and I cannot find the CDs outside of the Collector’s Market, then the file sharing maybe my last resort.

So for my peace of mind, please ladies let me know where I can buy your albums!!!

Thank you!!

A New Fan!
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