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Originally Posted by DanLights View Post
No need for the Pod if what you want is the ampsim, as said above, line out from your interface into the fx return (or power amp in as some amps call it) and voila. You do have an amp right? Not just interface to cab?
Yes I'll be using a Peavey Windsor and a Peavey XXX 4x12.

I'll need POD to use the pod heads that I want though. If I understand correctly, I'll connect my head to my cab like usual, then plug my POD UX1 interface into the FX Return jack on my head, then just open up pod with the cab bypassed and start rockin?

On my UX1 there's a mic input, an instrument input, a headphones input, two line inputs, a stereo monitor input, and two analog outputs (which my monitors are plugged into). Which of those gets connected to my FX Return?
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