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Originally Posted by <Arcane> View Post
Because youre so tall and strong and grim or what?? You know youre a fag. Theres no question about it dude. Maybe we could be friends in real life, but not via internet. Ah no. With all your talking about trees and lakes and whining I think youre a Bit gay and I hate homos.
Guys who can talk about creative stuff are widely considered gays, I give you that, but at least I'm not pretending to be something I'm not. I don't know if I'm tall and strong and grim but I have a manly side too. The only reason I'm more chill dude than before is because I dug into myself and learned. There's no need for arrogancy, no-one is complete and being humble is the only way to self-development. I listen to your criticism as well, but don't set yourself above me. However, it's quite entertaining sometimes to watch how you writhe in your homophobia everytime someone says something emotional, wonder why is that.

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