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Originally Posted by pikachu69 View Post
95% the time vocals work like this for me when working with a SM58 or very similar mic. gain in between 12 and 1 oclock. Hi pass on. Boost 1 - 2db round 200hz.
Yeah? To be honest I find 58's really quite muddy as far as vocal mic's go so usually end up cutting around there if anything, varies from gig to gig though.

Originally Posted by xFkx View Post
Well, I just use it for the snare, and not always, depends on many factors - the desk, the snare, the mic, my mood Some desks can do it nicely, some don't so I don't do it. And i'm talking about very subtle clipping, seems to add a bit of crunchinies and snap to the snare.
I found that I had a pretty nice snare sound going the other night actually with the channel clipping a little on harder hits.
Bear in mind this isn't "set the pre-gain to clipping then add loads of eq so the whole things clipping like shit" pre-gain was set to get me to 0 then after I'd added some eq and compression and the drummer was hitting a bit harder I could hear the "splat" character I get when clipping my snare in my DAW mixes. Quite liked it, though I can't say that I'm going to make a habit of it.

Originally Posted by jipchen View Post
What's a good volume for the amps on stage?
Assuming you're playing in a place with everything going through PA then your amp should be loud enough for you to hear yourself over the drummer.
As long as you can hear yourself onstage ok you don't really need your amp any louder, the FOH engineer can take care of any additional level using the PA.
In the places where the stage spill makes up a significant portion of the FOH sound (most smaller venues) then this should have you fairly well balanced with the acoustic level of the drum kit for those at the very front of the stage.
Originally Posted by Shturmovik View Post
And don't even get me started on fast double-kick runs that sound like a bag of potatoes being spilled down a flight of stairs when you listen to the tracks in solo!
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