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Best Slate Cymbals/ Tips for programming cymbals?

Hey guys,

I'm doing a mix for a cover that wasn't recorded by the drummer, so I'm needing to program cymbals for the first time. I have programmed notes from the Guitar Pro track I downloaded to guide me, but I'm just wondering what everyone's go to cymbals are if they have to use Slate (I know it's not a favorite). I just got upgraded to SSD Platinum 3.5 after having lots of trouble with EX 3.5. I know that this pack has more drums and cymbals... does this also include all the other packs like Metal And More, the rock pack etc? Because I previously bought EX and the metal and more pack. Anyway, I just want to know what the most "ok" sounding cymbals are in Slate and if anyone has any tips for programming cymbals, besides the obligatory "don't use hard velocities". Speaking of which, what kind of velocity range should cymbal hits be in, like softest hit to hardest hits?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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