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Originally Posted by parisowar View Post
Clark kent can you share some of your ampsim chain and settings combined with your impulses
For example what is your chain on your petrucci ir, or on your lamb of god, etc?
If you pay attention in the video its mostly just a od pedal in front of TH2's version of a rectifier. Here and there he used a compressor i believe. But the settings are in the video if you look closely. He said before that he keeps the amp knobs all at 12. This works but something I noticed is that somefreqs will sound better if Ozone has to reduce them rather then boost them depending on the tone. Heres my suggestion...

Load a close setting on your amp with any cab u like. Get the gain dialed in as close to the original tone as possible. Once the distortion sounds like its the same amount remove the cab and go through trial and error with each tone knob in diff positions. Depending on what sounds better adjust accordingly. For example.

First match attempt:
Bass-min/ Mid-center/ Treb-center/ Pres-center

Second match attempt:
Bass-max/ Mid-center/ Treb-center/ Pres-center

Third match attempt:
Bass center/ Mid-center/ Treb-center/ Pres-center

Lets say the match sounded better with the bass knob at min. I would leave it there or slightly adjust it. Then I would do the same thing with the mid knob but keeping bass at min. And then the same with the treb knob but with the bass and mid knobs at there best pos. This works great if you have NO IDEA how to get a similar tone with your amp head. If you can get your amp to sound similar without this process then you obviously dont need to do all this. The closer the amp sounds to the original amp the easier the matching will be. One other thing to try is if the tone you are matching has alot of gain, it helps after you find the right amount of gain on your amp to increase it a bit more. Then match eq and dial the gain back to the original optimal position. This will help tighten things up because when you reduce the gain after the eq curve is already created you will tame some of the lows and fuzz without losing your punch and grit.

Hope that helps some
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