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Question Need help deciding on a new guitar: Carvin, Caparison, or Bernie Rico Jr.???

So, I have some cash set aside for a new axe and am trying to decide between a Carvin CT624M, Caparison Dellinger I Pro Black, Bernie Rico Jr. Bolt-on Retro.

I love Carvin guitars, but I've only played the DC models, and not sure how the CT6 necks feel. Anyone out there have experience with any of these makers and how they stack up against each other quality wise? I love Ibanez wizard I and II necks, so something comparable with low action is wanted.

Or are there any other suggestions out there that you'd recommend?

Here are the ones I'm considering for each of the above mentioned:

Carvin CT624M Neil Zaza specs:

Caparison Dellinger I Pro Black:

Bernie Rico Jr. Retro Bolt:

Other boutique luthier's i'm considering are:
Mayones (Setius GTM 6), RAN, KxK, and Origin Guitars...

Origin guitars (

What are some of your opinions? Anyone get a chance to play any of these models at NAMM?

Any other recommendations?

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