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Had my third lesson of my course in finnish tonight. Can say that I'm really like "urge to learn"!

The hardest part so far must be the vowel harmony-also saw that someone posted a video about it, combined with the "inflection" when it's about questions. Like.. "tapaamme" = We meet

In a question, if i want to ask you if we would meet at 9pm, it would be like:

Tapaammeko kello yhdeksäntoista?

But if i ask you about if you're at your girlfriends house, for example, her name is Hanna (easier if the name ends with "a" then a consonant) :

"Oletko sinä Hannanin talossa?" < Not really sure about this..

Can some kindhearted finnish mies ja naiset try to give some good examples when I should just "continue" on the word itself when asking questions or start over. Hard to explain.

Oletko sinä kotona?


Syötkö sinä?

Got it?

/ Fridgepack

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