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If you're talking about the Court of Jarisleif.

March 10 2009 :

Originally Posted by Nygård View Post
We used a step in singer for a couple of parts on the album - mainly for conceptual reasons - of which this "Russian" part is one. The other is the "Andrew Lloyd Webber" -part in Five Hundred And One. It's a guy called Antti Paranko, and he's credited in the liner notes. However, this is not Russian, but some pseudo-slavonic language we had him make up in the studio while we were helping him out in finding the right mood by doing cossack-dancing on the other side of the window. I wanted it to sound Slavonic without bearing through any clear message. Actually, if you listen carefully, you can hear something that sounds like "vodka" a couple of times in that short snippet, ...even if in a historical perspective this word and drink is obviously of a much more modern era.
don't judge a song by its cover.

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