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NSFW: Granny Fist - Double Penetration


Grindhead Records finally unleashes Granny Fist's "Double Penetration!"

The long awaited debut album from Australia's Masters of out-right filthy, depraved grindcore!

Double Penetration will golden shower you with 31 debauched, immoral blasting tunes! Choc-A-Block full of dirty shredding riffs, mulish raging bass lines, suffocating, pummelling drums, and vile distorted vocals that will blow a load of twisted and sick lyrical themes right in your face!

If you like to be corrupted by bands such as Anal Cunt, Blood Duster, Whore and Pungent Stench, then check Granny Fist out!

Available now through Grindhead Records for $10 AUD (within Australia) or $10 USD (worldwide).
Buy - Double Penetration

Download Track - Smashing My Fist Up Your Arse
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