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Originally Posted by DigitalMetal View Post
Its exactly the same unit with a different name and colour sceme, and it sounds fantastic driving my Seymour Duncan Convertible Tube amp (its a bit like a Boogie MK1).
Butler had some issues with a company he licenced the design to so did a few different versions of the same design.
All the accurate infor is here from the man himself:

Stay away from the models that run on external power supplies the only real ones are mains powered straight into the box.

If you want a new one he is building them again in small numbers,
see here:
i picked this one up cheap from ebay and its mint! i think because it has a different name people didnt know its worth and i win
Brilliant, thanks for the info! I've seen them on Ebay in USA when I've checked but they're very scarce on this side of the pond. But some day...
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