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Guitar EQing.

Okay, I am very, very new to this forum and from what I've seen it's a place to ask questions about Joey's tone and other production methods (Sorry if I'm wrong and seem like a massive noob). A couple of months ago I purchased Pod Farm 2 with the UX1 and Metal shop. I understand that the basis of Joey's tone lies with the Cali Diamonds Plate. I also understand that his eqing methods play a massive role in his tone. For the last couple of days I have been eqing non-stop and haven't gotten the results I've been looking for. I wrote this in hopes of any tips and help on eqing like what frequencies to cut or boost by how many dbs to achieve his tone. Also, if anyone could help with the terms high-pass and low-pass. I think I have the gist but I'm just making sure (Again, sorry if I seem nooby). Thanks homies!
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