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I see I'm not the only one convinced there will be no release in April. May is becomming very unlikely too. The postponement is surprising given that, according to the interviews, the album has been long recorded and the release date has been pushed only in order to do some promotion and to put out the album in Spring when the sales are statistically best. I haven't seen any promotion BTW, which is sad, as the album will surely be totally killer and exposure-worthy.

At least it has not leaked yet

PS. Congrats to Overkill, who have debuted on Billboard's Top 100 with their 17th (I think) studio album. They sold 6500 copies in the first week. This really shows it's a good time to put out Thrash albums and TestAmenT should take advantage of it. They could easily triple that number, although press, video and ... album release are required.

I hope we'll be getting some updates soon.
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