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Gonna be fun hearing their versions of the covers. Didnt like Jessies Girl much, but bet its gonna be fun. Good blend of their other songs in a good mix, but missing Ugly !1 Wtf isnt that one on !???
Defo gonna get the pack - its more or less just a different playlist, plus stuff hey lol
Henkka the 23rd of Nov 2008 :
Big thing for us was to play the very first COB show in Denmark. That was exciting and crowd was treating us well there too!

Roope: Just that we hope to play more often in Denmark, it has always been one of my favorite places, I've been to Roskilde Festival many times.. and I hope they would also take us some time

BIG THANX to Conti from here for letting me buy Jaska's stick from him !! I LOVE that stick SO much!1
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