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A Frail Becoming

Guys, we have some news finally!

"We’re pleased to finally announce the fourth studio Daylight Dies album will be titled A Frail Becoming. The album is currently being mixed in Sweden by the fantastic Jens Bogren (who was also responsible for mixing Dismantling Devotion and Lost to the Living).

Song titles, in no particular order:

- The Pale Approach
- Dreaming of Breathing
- Ghosting
- Infidel
- Sunset
- Hold on to Nothing
- An Heir to Emptiness
- A Final Vestige

We’ve crossed mountains both personally and creatively in the path of creating A Frail Becoming, and we’re exceptionally proud of the result. It is by far the most mature and diverse collection of music we’ve created.

We’ll have another update once the mixing is complete and the album artwork is completed."
Music means life.

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