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Originally Posted by snowy View Post
You're wrong. Warheart is one of COB's best songs ever. Lake Bodom only has a nice intro, and great vocals, but Warheart is musically great all way thru and has great vocals too.

Originally Posted by hauta View Post
I dislike lake Bodom, too, but why do you dislike Sixpounder? It's a great song..
Well, it's catchy but that's about it. It's intro and chorus is very similar to Pantera's song A New Level and I hate Pantera. Verse is based on a generic thrash metal riff what makes me think of every possible shitty thrash metal bands out there. The first guitar solo is as good as every Slayer solo (aka is shit) and the only positive thing I can think of in Sixpounder is the second guitar solo.
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