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Posts: 3,458 - These people for starters. Myself, for another. Slash as a guitarist has been monstrously influential, and most rock guitarists have learned riffs from Appetite (Sweet Child of Mine in particular). Slash was also influential in sparking a renewed interest in "classic rock' guitars like the Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul into style again. At that point, most metal/hard rock guitarists were playing Flying Vs and newer models of guitars.

There are over a dozen friends in local bands I know who used Appetite to learn to play guitar, bass, drums, whatever. One friend of mine said "In 1988 when Appetite came out, I bought my first drum set and practiced 4 hours a day to that album for months on end until I knew it top to bottom, and in the process, learned how to play drums."

Also, Poison started before GNR.

Also, dude, this is the Hall of FAME. GNR are really, really famous. I don't think there exists an Active Rock station in the US or Canada that doesn't play them. Surely they have as much right to be in the HOF as Tina Turner.
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