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C2E2 was a bust. Lack of comic book dealers at a comic based convention really blew. Only 2 booths with 50% off trades and they had just old stuff. Usually I clean house and get about 30 trades. THe rest of the con was all clothes / jewelry / toys / and knick nacks. Out of 12 years of conventions this was the worst one I have been to.

The only high notes were getting to talk to Dan Slott, one of my favorite writers. It was a nice little chat about some characters that dont get much use and other things. He seemed very happy not to have to talk about current Spider-Man stuff. He was very humble and excited.

Also DotCom from 30 Rock was there doing free pictures / autographs all 3 days. He was there just having fun talking and meeting people. Nice to see.

It seems that no one had any new stuff that came out recently in trades / hardcovers. If they did it was 10 - 20% off only. Amazon is cheaper. The reason I go to conventions is to get books cheap. Too bad. I look forward every year to this and this one was a huge let down.
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