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I just tune that out when it enters my life. For there is no merit in even considering it. This is where the Anti-Theists fail. They spend far too much time on religion, however inane they think it is. And thus can never win against Theism as they are constantly involved in its constructs(even if it be an interest to brandish the plethora of deconstructs). Only those who can fully accept the damage of what religion, or more particularly, faith, is, deign complete wisdom only when they can utterly distance themselves from it(mentally, at least).
christianity is so clearly an "artificial construct" that people spent way too much time trying to de-construct it
me personnally, (in terms of how i interact with people face-2-face) i just ignore christianity all together, i only talk about religion online, and i try to avoid having thological discussions when i'm sitting through the sermons to get to the free stuff (food clothes hygeine toiletries etc etc)
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