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Originally Posted by TheDriller View Post
As for this whole C/C++ racket,

I still maintain that neither of those are good 'n00b' languages. Sure, C is awesome for embedded systems but honestly, how many beginners are doing embedded micro-controller programming as their first hobby-projects?


All the upsides of C/C++ are lost on the n00b programmer, and all they're left with are the thorny edge-cases and awkward syntax to struggle with.
I reckon every programmer worth a shit should know C/C++ pretty well, but not as a first language as it's so much more important to learn the general concepts rather than spend hours wrestling with the quirks, traps and heart-aches of low-level programming.
I agree with this.

I started teaching myself C++, then learned Java as a first language at universidad. Then Fortran, but we won't talk about that Anyway, I think I would have done better if I'd started with Python or Java rather than C++.

Something like Python is great for learning general programming concepts, and it allows you to write properly useful programs quite quickly.

Java isn't too bad as a starting language I guess, if you want to get into mobile app development rapidly or something.
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