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Originally Posted by devilish_uk View Post
I would not choose immortality if it were offered; I believe there can be no appreciation of life without the possibility of death. But would I choose to extend my life beyond my anticipated 70 or 80 years? Most definitely. Finite, but longer, that would be perfect...!
I find it very interesting that you would actually choose death over immortality. I love being alive and can't bear the thought of not existing anymore, which is what I am unfortunately quite sure will happen upon death.

Why do you think we couldn't appreciate life without death? I do not agree. It's easy to appreciate life with all the pleasures found throughout it, I don't need death to remind me that life is beautiful. All death does is make me more anxious about living life and getting the most out of it that I possibly can. That's how I feel because I was brought up a Christian and used to believe that I had an afterlife, and it made life no less precious. Now that I am agnostic I fear death more than anything else, which is probably true for most people I would guess - because after death I can't help but feel there will be nothing, no me.

My idealism wants me to believe that nothing ever dies permanently, but that the 'energy'of a human consciousness (something like a soul if there is one) is transferred somewhere else. However there is no evidence for this and so it seems only wishful thinking
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