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Holy fucking hell, I found the most insane place ever to sublet. This chick I contacted on Craigslist is a graphic designer with a house full of amazing antiques, artwork, costumes, and an 18x6-foot shag sofa taking up a third of the living room. There's a whole zoo of animals in the backyard including chickens, ducks, tropical birds, an iguana, and a huge tortoise. She seems to have a ton of connections in the entertainment industry, and supplies costumes for movie studios in Austin as well as a bunch of bands incl. Thievery Corporation. The two other people living here are a stripper and a programmer for Bioware.

We're about to head out to Eeyore's Birthday Party, and she's hooking me up with a costume. She's also making us coffee and pancakes for breakfast. My mind has been fucking blown...
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