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Excess is excess is excess. I don't like the argument of 'this substance vs that substance' because it's a stupid argument. There are two sides to everything;

For one, I hear shit like this all the time - "I knew a guy who was operating this machine whilst high, lost his arm blah blah blah etc etc..." <-- and from that point on the person telling this story has vilified marijuana, they have made their mind up.

Well here's a question sunshine; Why the fuck was the guy smoking it whilst at work? What would have happened had that been a bottle of Jack instead of a doob? Would they be using this bullshit story to discredit the use of alcohol? No, it would have been "what a jackass, drunk on the job, got what he deserved!".

The point is, if it's treated like any other recreational substance (i.e. kept to appropriate times of the day in appropriate environments) it's harmless. It gets a bad name because people dress it up and make it into a lifestyle. FWIW I fuckin love me some weed, and I don't drink a drop of alcohol, but my fucking GOD do I hate stoners. These almost pseudo-religious types who see it as their central point of being, talk about it all the time, smoke it all the time, only ever seem to operate with 50% of their personality (or whatever's left of it), and are the marijuana equivalent of alcoholics (minus the actual substance addiction).

And that's the flip-side, where it gets the rep it has. Think of it like this:
You work 9-5, 5/7 days a week, you have a drink on the weekend like most people; fine.
You work 9-5, 5/7 days a week, you drink when you get up in the morning, and maybe sip a swig from your hip flask in the car park on your lunch-break; you're a fuckin wash-out and everyone calls you an alcy.

You don't do that shit with booze, so why people do it with weed is beyond me. I think because it's an illegal substance it's shrouded in some kind of secrecy to those who have never been around it, so people feel they can treat it differently. And by all means, they can, I'm not telling people how to live, but I can completely understand why people find it easy to target when people smoke it to excess.

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