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OT: Prong Live in Temecula

I saw prong play in Temecula last night. I love their new album and was really excited to see them play. They played at a club called 'The Vault' in which I have never been to. I was in the area about an hour away for work so I decided to make the drive.

i was absolutely blown away by how few people were there. i am not joking when i say there was maybe 50 people in the audience in this piece of crap club. Their drummer set up his drum set himself. The bass players set up his rig, no crew or anything. It was actually very sad.

Prong is a band that literally influenced some of the biggest metal bands of today. they have put out some amazing album including the new one. the fact that they are doing club gigs for 50 people is really sad to me. i thought they were much bigger than this. i have only seen them open for other bands (soulfly a few years ago and SOD about 15 years ago).

It was kind of cool to see them in such a tiny place but the sound was horrible and the crowd was just kind of 'there', they played an hour and were done and got the fuck out of there.

Hopefully these guys get more of a following with the publicity from the new album
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