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Originally Posted by ApolloFC View Post
But how often do you see Chelsea beat Barcelona... twice! in two weeks!
I know. But people need to get their head out of their asses and realize that Barcelona is NOT unbeatable. Chelsea proved that, as did many other teams over the past years. Yes, they play formidable soccer and could very well be considered one of history's greatest teams formed, but still.

Originally Posted by ApolloFC
Torres is starting to regain his form too - hat trick over the weekend during the 6-1 thrashing of QPR
I wonder how long it'll last. I miss his good days. :\ I hope he does regain his top form though. Great player!

Originally Posted by ApolloFC
Ivanovic has become one of my favorite players to watch cause he was like one of the first new buys that I saw when I started watching Chelsea in 07/08
Ah, so you're new to it. I do have to ask why you're not mentioning what's probably one of Chelsea's most important players: Ramires. I mean, seriously. What an incredibly talented player. Chelsea better be smart and hold onto him for at least a couple more seasons.

Now, how cool is it that Bayern Munchen has the chance to celebrate their Champions League title AT HOME?
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