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Originally Posted by Concertmusic View Post
Oh - and as a big side note: You guys are in serious contention to hurt my ears on a permanent basis - "Out of the Darkness" is my default CD of choice so far this month when I can't decide on where to go next as far as what to play! Great job!
Haha, wow! Thank you so much!!

You know it's funny you mention the "bandwagon" types. I grew up with a lot of FC Barca stuff, like stickers and flags on our cars. We bought it whenever we visited my relatives and I never saw it in the US. When I moved to Virginia, suddenly I saw FC Barca stuff EVERYWHERE! I was confused, I thought there were hundreds of Catalans in Virginia! I had no idea that the team was so famous worldwide because I was so used to just watching games at home with my parents. It's still kinda strange, but totally understandable!
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