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Originally Posted by FataMorgana75 View Post
Wow, that is saying something! Rush and Fates Warning are my two fav bands, but I'll admit, Redemption has jumped into my Top 10...especially with the new CD.

Yeah! It really is saying something. Particularly for me. I've been the biggest Rush fan arguably in the world since I was 14. I'm quite old now, (44) and the idea that a band or anything for that matter has pulled me into fandom at this level has really surprised me.

I find myself dissecting every note of every song like I spent my youth doing with Rush, or with specific drummers, but no other band really, until now.

I got older and became a bit crotchety or just became less impressed with people. I don't know. Fanhood just kind of lost its whatever. But Redemption has sucked me back in. I feel 30 again.

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