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Originally Posted by theoden236 View Post
nice vid. despite that, as one of my fave bork songs, it's kindova bummer that there wasn't more involvement vocally from lars and vortex, like if vortex did the cleans on the chorus at the same time andreas did the harshes, that would just be epic.
Well, not really sure, probably is just me, but this song is perfect for Andreas and the best thing they did was letting Andreas sing all the song all alone.

In other songs which were originally performed by Vortex the game was on that way giving us a real epic moments.
e.g. Ruins of the future (Andreas doing the grim and Lars and Vortex the clean at the same time) or Colossus (Vortex the clean and the backing grim by Andreas) I dont know why this song sounds really bad on my recordings :'(, you will see once I upload this song

Well, for now, I will share the link to Shiprwecked
I said on the recordings of Arcturus the sound is pretty worst? :'( SORRY!
I dont think if will worth to upload more videos of Arcturus. (AT least my recordings) since the sound is crap

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