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Originally Posted by ApolloFC View Post
I'm all for fair calls.. i'm not excluding Chelsea players when I say this either.
LOL, dude, you seriously would prefer that every call in soccer was correct?!?!

No comments... If so, you wanna make the sport as boring as baseball or American football?

There's something that it seems most Americans don't get... Having bad calls in soccer ADDS a lot to the game. It adds drama, it adds to the passion and it makes the sport more HUMAN. Thank god we dont have instant reviews for the referree.. That'd ruin it.

I'm just happy todays a proper footballing day. with a few matches back to back New castle vs city to start the day
Yes. Great matches today, but step out of the EPL a bit. You'll find a lot more stuff to dig in (many many times a lot better football too :P )
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