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Originally Posted by J. Golden View Post
The band back together is one thing, but to call themself Dio is another issue entirely. It is just WRONG! How many different ways does that need to be said? falsch, mal, sbagliato.
As for Journey; the difference was nothing from those first two albums was carried over into the Perry band or beyond. If so it was very early on. To most people besides Matt those albums don't exist it seems.
I would agree if they end up calling themselves DIO.. I doubt that would happen. Call themselves Sacred Heart or something. Regardless if anyone is a fan of the early Journey albums pre-Perry (lol, say that out loud.. it's fun) the fact remains that he wasn't the first singer and kind of negates anyone's stance that no one should have replaced Steve in the band as the "original" singer. I actually like all the Journey singers. I took my daughter to see Journey/Foreigner/Night Ranger and it was a great show all around, although Foreigner (regardless that Jones is the only original member left and actually didn't play that night because he was ill) stole the show. I would not have wanted to follow them on stage.
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