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Originally Posted by RedDog View Post
A reamp box is not only like an attenuation box, but changes the impedance of the signal to something your amplifier is used to seeing. Also, I think you can reamp through the fx return because it's after the preamp, but you still need the attenuation to -10 dbV.

Lok up Petersen Goodwyn on google and find diy recording gear or something, I'm drunk. The line 2 amp box is cheap and does the job extremely well.
I will look that up, thanks ! So to have the -10 dbV, could I just lower the volume of the track to output to that effect ?

Originally Posted by Uros View Post
so lemme see: you want drum patterns but without really paying, and you also want a reamp box but without paying. What's next, looking for someone to upload you a brand new guitar?
Yes I wanted free drum samples, it exists. Now, if I have the equipment to re-amp without a 400$ re-amp box, it'd be stupid to buy a 400$ re-amp box, don't you thing ?

Originally Posted by Executioner213 View Post
Do you have a DI? Just run it backwards. Problem solved.
I've read that, but like I said, the output is unregulated because it's meant to go through a mixer so I don't know if it was appropriate. Will read more though thank you.

Originally Posted by deLuther View Post
Sometime ghetto reamping can work well enough, sometime works bad.
I`m prefer reamping without any attenuation (using modded ProRMP) to get same level as guitar straight to amp.
My interface have 0 dbFS=+20 dbu (peak).
Reamping without reamp box usually can lead to higher noise, difference in tone can be subtle, in my case difference can be due to lower output without reamper.
So I checked the ProRMP and it says it's a Re-amp box ?
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