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Originally Posted by AngraRULES View Post
Check out in case you want to watch a live feed at the time of the game.

Well it's pretty common for the US to miss major soccer games. Most channels would prefer to show the final of the American "Little League" of baseball, final of some dumb college lacrosse tournament, reruns of baseball finals of 1983, etc... Totally stupid. However, things HAVE been changing. Even FX shows live matches (European) every now and then.

Maybe they're finally giving in to the biggest sport in the world.
I had thought that we were starting to do better. I can watch almost all group and elimination games in both European competitions live - and now that we have the final, it is delayed. Very strange - and my main complaint is simply about what that says in how we rate the importance of that match. I have setup my DVR for Wed evening.
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