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Not sure what DAW you're on, but you could grab a used Control 24 for the control surface (got mine for $2000 near-mint with the updated PS) then dump the rest of the cash into nice converters and a few 500-series lunch boxes like was mentioned earlier. That way, you have an incredibly flexible and expandable setup, one that is nice in case you hit hard times. Selling a few 500-series unites to pay bills during a horrible dry spell is better than having to ditch an entire console and shooting yourself in the foot if times are bad.

That's my theory anyway. I'd love a LFC, but I don't think I could ever justify it these days. The Control 24 looks really damn nice, and it's a very effective control surface. They can be had for cheap, and I think they're more comfortable to work on than the new C|24's. Sure, ProTools will no longer "officially" support them after PT10, but that's a small worry for me.

Anyway, just a thought.
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