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Originally Posted by greyskull View Post
This Neve V 3 Is for sale on Larkings list


BARGAIN it's a great sounding Desk
So you hate the OP

V3 don't sound anything close to a VR imo.
And you need a control room designed for a LFAC, with separate machine room.
Neve VR and V heat a lot. And when I say a lot it's a lot (event a 9000J don't come close). And forgot to say V serie are maintenance nightmare...
If you want make a career in as AE, buy a 4K. But if you want make a career as tech, buy a V serie...
Originally Posted by Skinny Viking View Post
takes longer to reply when you're typing with one hand
Originally Posted by Glenn Fricker View Post
....maybe I should go buy an amp sim.....
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